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About Us

Meet the team behind Combination

Suzie Comben

Partner/UK Coordinator

Tom Price

Partner/Overseas Coordinator


Company Background

Suzie Comben and Tom Price founded Combination Languages in 2008 to offer high quality language immersion experiences for teenagers from different countries across Europe.

We give young people the chance to jump right into another language and culture either by travelling to England, France, Germany or Spain or by acting as a Junior Euro Rep and welcoming a foreign student to their county. We believe that when young people have the opportunity to befriend someone who speaks the language that they are learning, their motivation and curiosity to learn increases enormously.

The exciting and varied activity programme in each country is a mixture of cultural and educational visits with lively, interactive activities allowing students to get to know one another. The activities are not just a chance for students to relax, have fun and discover the beauty of the place that they are visiting, but are also carefully designed to ensure that all foreign and English students communicate together and as such develop their language skills.

Many of the activities involve an element of competition and this encourages students to work together towards a common goal. We can encourage even the shiest of students to participate! Don’t just learn a language, LIVE THE LANGUAGE!

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