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Bilingual Activities


There is nothing more motivating when learning a language than meeting and getting to know people from the country of the language that you are studying. It gives your studies a real purpose and meaning and it allows you to put your skills into real life practice.

You won’t get this anywhere else!

Combining groups of students of different nationalities is our speciality. We believe it’s what makes us different from other school travel companies.

Bilingual Activities

Not only will your students have the opportunity to take part in cultural and historical visits and activities, they will do this with a group of teenagers from the country that you are visiting. Furthermore, we do not simply take your group to a venue and leave you there to find your way around, we organise activities which encourage the students to mix with their new foreign friends. Our competitions such as the Scavenger Hunt, Photo Challenge and Town Trail involve the students working in groups of approximately 4 (2 of each language). Working towards a common, competitive goal helps them to work as a team and as such practise their language skills.

Time spent in the Host High School

The bilingual work in the Host High School is a great linguistic and cultural experience as your students see what a foreign high school is like but instead of just watching what goes on, they again get to jump right in and take part. The language games and mini project work are all designed to get the most out of even the shiest student! With help and support all the way through from our qualified bilingual staff and with you, their teachers, at their side to encourage them, everyone is able to access the activities.

Penpal Links

Even before the trip takes place, your students will have the opportunity to email one of the foreign students who is going to take part in the activities. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other a little and to warm up their linguistic skills before the trip!

After the trip

Often the friendships that are established during the trip continue afterwards with students staying in email or text contact and even some arranging individual visits to stay with their new friends and their family.

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