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IES Vicente Aleixandre to St Andrews, Worthing 8th – 15th March 2016

160308 VASA16

Vicente Aleixandre students jumped right into all the activities with great energy and enthusiasm! This is a photo of them dressing up at Lewes Castle; really living the moment!

‘One of the most amazing experiences of my life!’ Lorenzo
‘I wish I could stay longer.’ Celia

A great time was had by all and everyone got a chance to practise their English,

‘This is a real language immersion trip, interacting with English students and host families.’ Inmaculada María (Teacher)

The St Andrews boys also really enjoyed meeting their Spanish pen pals and new, international friendships were made,

‘A huge thank you again for last week – the boys have been so positive about the whole experience.’ Merryl Hallett (Teacher)

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