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Priory School to IES Jabalcuz, Jaén, 22nd – 26th May 2017


This was Priory School’s 3rd annual trip to Jaén and was greatly enjoyed by this year’s group of Year 8 students.  A few additions to the itinerary had been made and in particular, the paella meal in Granada proved to be a big success.

‘The paella was awesome!’  Ollie, Year 8

‘The paella was very tasty and the service was good.’  Finton, Year 8

Highlights included meeting the Spanish pen pals, partying with them at the disco and visits to the Science Park in Granada and the Water Park in Malaga.

‘My pen pal was really nice and friendly and we turned into really good friends and got to know each other.’  Natasha, Year 8

‘The disco was fun and joined everyone together.’  Kirsty, Year 8

‘I loved the robots, butterflies and animals at the Science Park.’  Erin, Year 8

‘The Water Park was really fun and exciting.’  Darcy, Year 8