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IES Vicente Aleixandre to St Andrews, Worthing 8th – 15th March 2016

160308 VASA16

Vicente Aleixandre students jumped right into all the activities with great energy and enthusiasm! This is a photo of them dressing up at Lewes Castle; really living the moment!

‘One of the most amazing experiences of my life!’ Lorenzo
‘I wish I could stay longer.’ Celia

A great time was had by all and everyone got a chance to practise their English,

‘This is a real language immersion trip, interacting with English students and host families.’ Inmaculada María (Teacher)

The St Andrews boys also really enjoyed meeting their Spanish pen pals and new, international friendships were made,

‘A huge thank you again for last week – the boys have been so positive about the whole experience.’ Merryl Hallett (Teacher)

King Edward Five Ways, Birmingham visits Jaén, 7th – 12th October 2015

35 Year 8 and 9 students took part in this exciting 6 day language immersion trip to Jaén in Andalusia, Spain. On the cultural side, the group visited Malaga, Granada and Cordoba including guided tours of the Alhambra Palace and Mesquita, while on the linguistic front they took part in lots of bilingual activities with their new Spanish friends from IES Santa Catalina school in Jaén. There were many social opportunities as well including a tapas night, 10 pin bowling evening, bilingual quiz night and the week was brought to a close with an end of trip disco! The group enjoyed putting their Spanish language skills into real life practice!

Please clink on this link to read the fantastic blog that the group wrote about their trip;

‘I loved the disco and pizza night as it was a very good night and it was enjoyable to bond with the Spanish students as well as we did.’ Hassan

‘The Sunday with the Spanish families really helped to improve my Spanish.’ Nathanial

‘The thing that I liked best about this trip was the disco and meeting my Spanish friend – she cried when I left! I think the castle was great too!’ Charlotte

IES Fuente de la Peña, Jaén visits Worthing, 22nd – 29th June 2015

This was the IES Fuente de la Peñ's teachers' second visit to Worthing, having brought a group of students last year. They were delighted to be able to stay with the same host family and were excited to see Paul and his family again. This year the group benefited from two full day trips to London including a Thames river cruise, a guided tour of the major sites, a visit to the British Museum and an afternoon browsing Camden Markets with their new English friends. Other visits included Brighton and the South Downs and a day at Davison C of E High School helping the year 8 girls with their Spanish lessons. The final afternoon bowling with the English Junior Euro Reps was a big hit and a great, sociable way to end a fantastic week!

‘It’s a good combination between language and culture.’ Pilar

‘It’s the perfect experience to learn with your friends.’ Belén

‘If you love this language you have to do this in your life!’ Francisco