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IES Jabalcuz, Jaén visits Lewes, 15th – 22nd June 2015

At 9pm on Tuesday 15th June, the 47 Spanish students from IES Jabalcuz, Jaén arrived at Lewes train station to be met by their host families. It was an exciting meeting as everyone was keen to introduce themselves and to help the young Spanish people feel welcome. The next morning everyone met at Priory school to get to know each other better through some bilingual games and ice breakers – the favourite being ‘Speed Dating’! Then began the project work, this time a competition to see which mixed Spanish / English group could make the best bilingual board game. The week continued with cultural visits to Lewes Castle, Brighton, Worthing and 2 day trips to London. A great time was had by all – a real immersion in English language and culture!

‘I would recommend this trip because it’s fantastic to live with another family that you don’t know and to see a piece of the world.’ Dani

‘I learnt a lot! I loved it! This experience is perfect!’ Marta

‘I learnt all the differences between English and Spanish habits.’ Irene

Priory School, Lewes visits Jaén, 18th – 22nd May 2015

47 year 8 students excitedly arrived in Malaga on Monday 18th May 2015 to begin their Spanish Immersion Trip. After lunch on the beach and a tour of Malaga, they made their way to Jaén and the Interjoven Hostal. During their 5 day trip they took part in lots of bilingual activities with their Spanish pen pals including a Town Trail, Treasure Hunt, Tapas Night and Disco. Great fun was had by all and moreover they enjoyed themselves while learning Spanish and discovering some Spanish culture. The final day was an action packed trip to Aquamijas Water Park before heading back to the UK. A truly memorable school trip and judging by the number of teary farewells to new Spanish friends we are sure that these friendships will last into the future.

‘The water park was really fun but so was spending time with the Spanish students.’ India

‘It was really fun to meet the Spanish students at the school.’ Mathilde

Davison C of E High School for Girls, Worthing visits Berlin, 15th – 19th October 2014

This was a cross-curricular History and German trip with some students focusing more on the historical and cultural aspects of Berlin while others were keen to improve their linguistic skills. Some activities were done together such as the informative guided walking tour on the first day and the incredibly moving and educational visit to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Other outings were in two groups with the historians visiting the DDR museum for example while the linguists spent the morning in a German high school working with the students there. Everyone joined in with the social aspects of the trip alongside a group of German students and great fun was had by all at the bowling evening and last night meal out.

‘Sachsenhausen was a very interesting and emotional experience.’ Becky

‘I enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt with the German students a lot!’ Madeline

‘It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.’ Zoe