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IES Vicente Aleixandre to Seaford Head School

1804 VASH18 photo

For the second time, Seaford Head School welcomed a group of students and their teachers from IES Vicente Aleixandre, a High School in Seville in Southern Spain.

The Spanish group arrived on Monday evening to be met by their English host families from Seaford Head and after a good night’s sleep headed into Seaford for a Scavenger Hunt and Orientation in Seaford to get to know their host town.   They also spent some time in Lewes looking at the beautiful and historic castle and enjoying a town trail. In the evening, the Spanish group were happy to spend time getting to know their host families better.

On Thursday the Spanish group had a great day in London at the British Museum and Camden Market before spending a fun morning on Friday in school with their English friends taking part in bilingual projects and activities helping both groups practise their language skills.

After another busy day in London on Saturday sightseeing and enjoying a River Cruise down the Thames, the Spanish group spent a fun Sunday with their host families before flying back to Seville on Monday morning after a great week with new friends.


Collège Maxence van der Meersch to Davison High School

1804 MADA18 photo

On Wednesday, a group from Collège Maxence van der Meersch from Le Touquet in Northern France made their way through the Eurotunnel to visit England and to spend time with a group of students from Davison High School, Worthing.

After a Scavenger Hunt in Worthing Town centre, the French group were happy to meet up with their Davison pen pals and host families. After a first meal with their families, the French group and their new Davison friends enjoyed a fun evening’s bowling before heading home after a long but exciting day.

On Thursday morning all students took part in a bilingual project comparing school life in France and England then the French group headed off to Brighton for the afternoon, visiting the Laines, the Pier and Churchill Square Shopping Centre!

After a final morning at school together on Friday and a bilingual quiz to give both groups practice with their language skills, the French group headed off to Lewes for a Treasure Trail around this historic town before a Fish and Chips dinner in Dover before boarding the ferry home.

Collège Jean Moulin to Lewes

1803 JMPR18 photo

A group from Collège Jean Moulin from Albert in the Department of Somme in Northern France were very pleased to visit Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex for a week in March this year.

After a quick trip through the Eurotunnel, the French group arrived in Lewes at lunchtime on Monday. After a picnic lunch, the group spent the afternoon enjoying a Scavenger Hunt around Lewes – ideal to get to know such a beautiful and historic English town – before heading to Priory School to be warmly welcomed by their host families at Priory School.

The next day, the French group and their Priory friends had fun with bilingual activities at school, getting to know each other and practising their language skills at the same time. In the afternoon the French group really enjoyed looking around Lewes Castle before heading off home with their host families in the evening.

After more bilingual activities with their Priory hosts in the morning, the French group loved visiting Raystede Animal Sanctuary and Herstmonceaux Observatory in the afternoon .

On Thursday, the French group headed off to Brighton for a brilliant day looking around Brighton and the Lanes, viewing for miles in the i360 and later – everyone’s favourite! – shopping in Churchill Square and the Lanes before home for tea and a great evening at a Disco for all of the students together at St Marys Supporters Club in Lewes. Great friendships were cemented and promises to stay in touch flew through the air!

On their last day and after fond farewells to their host families, the French group made their way to London for a fantastic day out finished off with a fish and chip supper before arriving back in Albert, tired but happy, after a great week.

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