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IES Santa Catalina, Jaén and East Midlands Academy, Foz visit Worthing, 21st – 28th June 2016

160621 SCEMDA16

This year a mixed group visited Davison C of E High School for Girls in Worthing consisting of 30 students from IES Santa Catalina, Jaén and 9 students from East Midlands Academy in Foz, Galica.

Bilingual fun was had by all and many of the Spanish students wished that they could stay longer;

‘I love the feeling of staying here, it was incredible! I want to stay!’ Ana

‘It’s a really good experience! I really recommend it!!’ Xiana

‘I spent a very good time here and I will remember it all my life.’ Pablo

The group gelled well together and enjoyed all the exciting activities.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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