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IES Fuente de la Peña to St Andrews

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IES Fuente de la Pena to St Andrews

This year St Andrews High School for Boys, Worthing were pleased to welcome a group of 15 students, all between 15 and 16 years of age, along with two of their teachers from IES Fuente de la Pena, a High School in Jaen in Southern Spain.

The Spanish group spent a good (if rainy!) first day taking part in a Scavenger Hunt in Worthing Town Centre.  It was a great chance for the Spanish students to get to know Worthing.   Jaen is a long way from the coast so the sea and the beach were a great attraction.   

The Spanish students had an opportunity to spend some time with the St Andrews boys many of whom were also hosting the students in their homes for the week and great fun was had taking part in a Carousel of Bilingual Team Games.  The games – including the “Loo Paper Design Challenge”! – broke the ice brilliantly and both the Spanish group and the St Andrews boys felt really comfortable practising their language skills with each other. 

The Spanish group enjoyed 2 fantastic days in London on Thursday and on Saturday.  We had a great day at the British Museum and enjoyed our lunch in Regents Park before a stroll to Camden Market with two free hours for everybody’s favourite – shopping!  Laden down with new clothes and treasures from Camden we all made our way back the station.  The Spanish group even treated us to a song on the train much to the amusement of fellow travellers!

After a relaxing and fun day with their host families on Sunday the Spanish Group made their way to St Andrews on Monday before a final day sightseeing the beauty of Lewes and its Castle.  In the evening the English and Spanish students spent a final, fun-filled evening bowling in Worthing before wishing each other “adios” – until next year  - with many new friends made and language skills improved.


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